Let's get together and discuss our Vision for 2012. Gatherings to create our boards together and sharing our Goals. No rules for creating our Vision boards just desire to plan our future with imagination.

If you have created your 2021 Vision Board come ready to share one of your Goals in 2021 included on your Vision board.

If you have not created your Vision Board yet. Here are a few thoughts...

  • There are no rules to creating your Vision board. It is yours you decide what and how to create it.

  • Use photos from your phone, cut out pictures and words from Magazines use Canva to create your board. The Vision is yours to Create.

  • Use your imagination in the comfort of your home before our Friday parties in Q1.

  • Be ready to share 1 of your Goals for the Quarter! Sharing is Caring.

  • Let's encourage each other to achieve our Goals this Quarter goal getters.