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A Land Rover podcast by, for and about Land Rovers.

In 2013 a group of Land Rover enthusiasts in the United States started the first podcast dedicated to the Land Rover marque. 

Between us we have owned nearly every model Land Rover has to offer, including Series trucks, imported Defenders, Freelanders, Range Rovers and, certainly, Discovery I and IIs.

Guest from three continents – Europe, America and Africa – have joined us to discuss every model, offoarding, repair, adventure, restoration, overlanding and heritage.
Bob Steele
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#91 - Epic! I would enjoy having a brown water with you in Hatteras as we celebrate Oxford putting a toe in the Atlantic.

Bob Steele
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Having spent a week with David Short & Mike McCaig as part of the Oxford Sea to Shining Sea expedition between Moab, Utah and the Colorado/Oklahoma border, there is cause to celebrate their safe arrival at Wheatland Farm in Giles County, for the 2020 MAR. A brown water all around. Thank you for another wonderful podcast Men!

Bob Steele
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More Brown Water is in order. Thank you for the update on Oxford and getting the word out on 2020 MAR

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John, Harold & Dixon - I hope to share a brown water with you at MAR. Yeppers, we are working on a plan to keep everyone safe while enjoying another gathering at Wheatland Farm. 

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In these challenging times, I thought a brown water per month for all of you was in order. Enjoy! Oh, and I found out my new Defender build that has been sitting at the Slovakian port since early March will be shipped in late May, or early June. I even have the VIN. I suppose JLRNA needs some $ and can no longer wait for the big marketing launch?