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[Notice] TP: TCND is transition into TCND: EX

Dec 03, 2021

Hey there, it's time to officially announce TCND: EX as the main release branch.

On January the first 2022 I will be releasing a new TCND: EX episode. I understand that my game's transition can be confusing and upsetting for some so let me try to explain more about the upcoming changes.

In TCND: EX we learn that the MC has been allowed to pursue love interests in multiple parallel realities. The parallel realities are the romance routes in TCND: EX.

Everything that happened in TP: The Class Next Door (TCND) is the possible outcome of one of the parallel realities presented in TCND: EX.

But, as it is right now, TCND is headed for a tragic ending; currently, the story ends with Eleonor saying good bye at the airport. That will be the last time Tiffany and the MC see her alive.

In the upcoming TCND: EX the MC will be brought back to "The Cloister of Dreams", which is the routes switching area, he will learn that the route he followed ends in tragedy and he will have the chance to try again.

In the upcoming TCND: EX I want to take the time to present and review each of the heroine's personalities and their story; we learned about them in TCND but I think it's better if we have characters profiles.

Summarizing, starting on January 1 2021 TCND: EX will be my main game. You can check the TCND: EX demo to learn more about game-play changes.

Well, take care and be safe out there!

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