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TCND: EX progress update! (+free rant)

Feb 20, 2022

It's time for another progress update; I have been working on new scenes and

coding the MC's home-office. The home-office, aka third floor, is done; all that it's missing is a mini-map.

Rant section:

For those confused, TCND: EX is the only game I will be updating for a while; it has come to my attention that some random people are starting rumors about my work.

The only sites I use to promote my game are SS.A, BMAC, LoversLab, and Itch.io. I don't use pirate sites, got tired of their slander, toxic obsessive-compulsive rants, child-like temper tantrums and self-entitled complaints. Those sites are packed with people who creates dozens of accounts to harass, bully, and attack content creators; they also try to parasite away from others, from unsolicited "help" to requests to share profits; they threaten creators with review manipulation and many pseudo-moderators are on their side. That was my experience in those poo-ponds.

Many of those people can't even buy beer yet... no wonder why they find it too hard to part with a few dollars to support creators and no wonder about their attitude... No, it is not ok.

There are better ways to find adult games; I would suggest you to use SS.A or BMAC to find the games that you like. Also, Itch.io has an adult section where you can find demos and more related games. Pirate sites are toxic pits.

Rant section end.

Currently, I'm working on Daria's and Miss Evan's lewd dreams; there are a few things I would like to add to the upcoming episode but the deadline is just around the corner.

A little gift:

"Red mane."

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