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Void Divers: Vortex - Version 0.3.2 is o ...

Void Divers: Vortex - Version 0.3.2 is out!

Oct 22, 2021

VD: V episode 3 version 0.3.2 is live today!


-Context fixes.

-Typo corrections.

-Grammar corrections.

-Fixed missing portraits.

-Fixed game-ending bugs affecting consumable items

-Added the option to buy 5 consumable items at a time.

-Implemented a free-roam area; the grasslands (get ready for some battles.)

-Added a text-button that lets players return to town (from the grasslands.)

-Added an icon for the grasslands (on the town map.)

-Added a random chance to get extra gold or materials after winning a battle.

-Reduced the undead dogs' base HP to 200 (they can be an annoying bunch.)

-Equalized the music volume (some song were too quiet.)

Get the new version on the VD:V episode 3 release post; I updated the links.

I ran into many weird bugs while building up this update; some of those bugs were heart-breaking savages! I managed to complete what I promised and a little more; I hope you like the changes! I think I should take the rest of the day off... yeah, as if!

A little something:

Emily being Emily. :D

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