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Aspiring full figure cosplayer♥️ Proud nerd, weeb and gamer♥️

Welcome to my BMC Page♥️ If you would like to support my cosplays/ modelling/ gaming content in any way you can ‘buy me a coffee!’ which sends a small donation directly to me which will be greatly appreciated and all tips will go towards my current project.

▪️ALL Supporters get a special thankyou from myself!

$3 Support: 1 Custom Thankyou Photo & Shoutout in my next Caption 

$9 Support: 1 Custom Thankyou Video & Personalised Shoutout in my Story 

$15 Support: 1-on-1 Video Call & Shoutout on Both

▪︎ ALL DONATORS and PAST DONATORS will be Flagged in my Inboxes on Instagram to have **First Priority Responses** 

All perks are optional, you can just donate without one or all of the perks if you wish. 

All you have to do is leave your Instagram name when you support, and I will contact  & thank you via DM on Instagram, and you will be Flagged to be top priority for responses. 

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