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I research and compile information for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and share what I have found online. I also administrate

I own and update it regularly. It is a website packed with DIY resources and useful lifehacks, intended to help people live better on low funds and to help the environment. Five years of research down, ten more to go.

I also administrate the Interfaith, Witchcraft and Wicca web forum called Witches and Sandwiches at and 

The forum exists for friendly discussion between people of different religions, and as a resource hub. Artists, artisans, and musicians are encouraged to advertise for themselves for free on there. I also seek out and find good artists, then recommend their work. I posted a resource guide for going green here: .

I also created a guide for fighting Lyme disease. 

If you have found these things helpful or useful, and wish to support me running these things, I appreciate it.

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