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I create well-informed philosophy videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts that help learners worldwide. Why do I do it? I love philosophy and sharing it with other people!

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I've been subscribed to your channel for a couple years now and it is my #1 go to resource for my personal, self-paced philosophical studies. By the way, I'm surprised to see you've never published any videos on Karl Popper, he is an interesting figure who I think you'd enjoy covering.

Thanks so much for that!  Glad you've been enjoying the videos.  Popper is someone we had to read a good bit of in grad school.  His stuff on falsification is interesting, and could be worth creating videos on.  I have to say that his misreadings of a lot of philosophers in The Open Society was a bit of a turn-off

That is understandable, I just got finished with both volumes the other day. Have a good day!

Glof (Matt McLaughlin)
Glof (Matt McLaughlin) bought a coffee.

Your self-directed study series has been very helpful. I look forward to additional videos on those, as well as additional topics. Thanks Dr. Sadler.

You're very welcome - and thanks!

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I really enjoy your youtube channel as a lifelong learner that is very green to the subject of philosophy. Your mission to share your expertise with others is much appreciated!

Glad you enjoy the videos!  Thanks very much