Hello and thank you for visiting my store.

My name is Adam and I thought I would share a little bit about myself, why I decided to open my etsy store and why I created my BMC page!

I am a self taught artist from the UK and I have always had a passion for drawing, painting and generally being creative. From a young age, I was always doodling. It began with my love of comic books and animated superhero shows, like the 90's Spiderman / X-men, as well as the classic Batman animated series. When I went to junior school, I began drawing portraits of my classmates at break time, which was the first time my skills started to grow from just tracing cartoon characters and figuring out form and proper proportions in portraiture. When I started secondary school, I was introduced to anime and manga from some friends and I started looking at more dynamic poses in my figures as well as different inking styles.

Unfortunately, when it came to GSCE, I wasn't allowed to pick Art as one of my subject choices as the course had already filled its required numbers, which meant when I started college, I was refused entry on the art course as I didn't have an Art GSCE and a portfolio of my previous work. Even though this happened, it didn't discourage my passion for creating art. I bought myself a selection of different art books to help me improve my skills such as anatomy, drawing from reference, perspectives as well as how to effectively add shadows and reflection.

During my working career, in engineering and retail, I have always made time to continue this passion and improve my skills. After work and weekends, I began teaching myself how to use water colour and acrylic paints to figure out new techniques to elevate my artwork to a higher standard.

Towards the end of 2020, because of the pandemic, I unfortunately lost my job. Previously, I had been on furlough and with my time spent mainly in lockdown, I was able to invest a lot of time and energy into my artwork, improving my skills and finishing of a number of projects I had been working on. In this time, I also took the plunge and began using an iPad to start working on digital art and not just traditional pencil and paper.

It was towards the end of the year I decided I was going to try and take all the knowledge I had built up from over my lifetime and begin selling my art professionally! So I started looking at different platforms for where I could sell my products, figuring out costs and pricing but also what were the kind of pieces that I think would showcase my abilities best. After doing all of my research and planning, I decided I wanted to sell most of my pieces on Etsy but also to give a chance for all my supporters a chance to see behind the curtain, so I set up a BMC page! I made my social media platforms into professional accounts, I also showcased a number of print designs I had planned and began advertising my pricing for commissions.

Leading into 2021, I have been lucky enough to work on a number of commissions for a number of clients, including some portraits of loved ones, pet portraits and some funny geek related images. (Also some other pieces but I cant talk about them). My prints are beginning to sell as well and I am so happy with the positive response and reviews I am getting back from my customers.

So there it is...

All about me and why I have decided to start selling my artwork.
If after reading this little summary has peaked your interest in getting a commission done, buying a print/painting or even checking out my art social media pages (linked below) then let me know.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this and I hope you support me!

Kind regards,