Buy Dani Schnakenberg a coffee


Hey, there! 👋 After much prodding, I have created a Buy Me a Coffee Page - where you can “buy me a coffee” if you like my content/writing & feel so inclined.

My work focuses on helping entrepreneurs with ADHD get more meaningful projects completed without being held back by the way their brain works. 

But please don't feel like you're not welcome if you don't have an ADHD diagnosis.  There's no gatekeeping here.  I talk about out-of-the-box productivity, business, and life strategies that anyone can benefit from.  My goal is to help you build a business and a life that works for your brain, however it's wired. 

Long story short, I'm a nomadic mom of 5.  Yep, that's right: myself, my husband, our five kids (ages 6-13) and our Goldendoodle live and travel in a 38-foot travel trailer.  We've been doing this for two years and it's brought so much joy and adventure to our lives.  It's also forced me to get creative with systems for managing my quirky brain and large family in such a tiny space!