So you might not know this, but I do consulting work on Fiverr to help those newer to indie game development to cross over into the industry. It's a real passion of mine, actually. I truly love making games and the ability to help others get into this as well just fills me with joy.

Today was one of those days that I helped someone, and they were the happiest they can be. To me, it didn't seem like much. I provided a little extra (in the form of a document I had written) even though they didn't pay for it, but to them it spoke lengths because it showed someone caring about them enough to go beyond the norm, and go that extra mile.

So I just wanted to let you know that it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing in life - you have this amazing ability to shine a light into people's lives and what might seem like a normal thing to you, could brighten someone's day tremendously because it's the extra mile for them.

So thanks for being awesome, amazing and wonderful!

I know you are awesome because you've caused me to feel the same. Believing in what we are doing and the games we are making and the fact that you've seen this and gone "yes, I'll support you" and taken action to help someone else... Words cannot actually describe the emotion and joy that creates.

It might seem trivial or small to you, but you're all superheroes to me. Thanks for being decent, awesome human beings! ❤

- Five, Lead developer

Ps. I've got some demo footage about a certain project coming up for the behind the scenes and membership posts! Super excited to share them with you!