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Hi, im A-Fiero, in my freetime i draw adult porn art, minigirls and giantess or giant, minigirl and insects, im also open to my members ideas and im happy to draw something for them..maybe you like to see some fantasies or some characters in my drawings?..just tell me and i will do ;)

In the near future i will show you a story, the story of the Goddess, a celestial entity descended on Earth to guide humanity becoming a pacefully, friendly and respectfully civilization, a great civilization in armony with the nature. The Goddess bring with her a new religion, a new mindset where sex becomes something spiritual, an open minded approach where the people can do anything and everything to reach even greatest level of pleasure and lust. The important thing, the rule, is to do eveything with a good heart, with pure intentions, not to abuse anything, only to create union and to spread love around all the people. The giantess introduce lust and her giant pussy is the center of that religion, an iconic place of lust for all the girls willing to please her sexually and to make sexual sacrifices for her pleasure, like fucking with creatures and insects evocated by the Goddess. Making the Goddess naughty and making her climax is considered a great honor for the human girls. The goddess will help human civilization to become something great, a process of continue emprovement of all the better qualities of the humanity like love, empaty and compassion while making the human girls masturbate her giant pussy and helping all people to reach new levels of joy, peace and lust.

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