We all have those makes, wips, projects that are unfinished. But have you ever had one that you hate?

One that everytime you look at it your heart sinks?

This was mine.

I started out with the best intention, I love the colour and the yarn, the pattern looked great.

But it was an unusual, very slow and tedious stitch - one which could be easily changed to a much easier quicker stitch with the same visual effect.

But nope - I thought I would stay true to pattern, instead of doing my usual wing it and change things as I go along.

And. I. Hated. It.

To the point I would rather do housework than crochet this wip - yes it was that bad.

Today, I frogged the 10 hours of work I have already done (😱). And I'm going to reuse the yarn to make something that I will love working on.

That's the beauty of crochet - if you make a mistake, or fall out of love with your work you can just undo it and start over. So no, you don't have to continue making projects that you don't love.

Crochet is to make something you love, doing something you love!