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I'm a user of Frontends such as Recalbox, Batocera, Retrobat, Retopie, EmuElec, RetroBat and many others. These frontends, usable on different devices like raspberry, pc and much more, allow to run emulators of old console.

I wanted to be able to modify game descriptions, add them to favorites or hide them in a simple way and secondarily to scrape media on Screenscraper, HFS-DB,, LaunchBox, Steam, GOG , IGDB and MobyGames.

I wrote this little ARRM utility for my personal use and over the versions many more features were added, often at the request of users. I make it available if it can be of use to you.

ARRM is a Scraper:

Since version Beta 13 multi-threads scraping is available on Screenscraper.

It allows you to retrieve and format (scraper) textual information and graphic media from video games by querying sites offering this information (Screenscraper, HFSDb,, LaunchBox, Steam, GOG , IGDB, MobyGames, GameTDB). It can thus create gamelist.xml files compatible with many retrogaming distributions (Recalbox, Batocera, Retrobat, Retropie, EmuElec, RetroBat ...) and allows, via exports, to create files compatible with other distributions (Pegasus, AttractMode , Hyperspin) and .csv files

You can use several different Mix templates or create your own to get beautiful Mix images. You can see templates here but there are many more.

Examples of Mix image created by ARRM for RustyMG's Raspberry Pi 4 Recalbox

ARRM is a gamelist manager:
It allows you to manipulate the recovered data: filter, sort, delete, edit, clean, replace data ...
Many built-in utilities allow you to best customize your gamelists and scrapes

Do not hesitate to take a look at the ARRM Wiki you will certainly find answers to your questions.
Do you prefer video tutorials? So take a look at the ARRM playlist

Some functionnalities
Some Screenshots
List of some templates available

Take the plunge and try ARRM : Download link

ARRM does not offer gaming ROMs, nor does it allow them to be downloaded; he uses the Roms you own. Images and informations recovery is done on the following sites: Screenscraper, HFS-DB,, LaunchBox, Steam, and GOG , IGDB and MobyGames.

This software required (and it continues :)) many hours of work on the part of its author. Listening to user requests, I try to improve ARRM over time.

If you value ARRM, please subscribe or Buy Me A Coffee and leave me a message :)

If you make a donation of at least 5 euros, you will receive a key to unlock certain features.

I will do my best to improve it.
Thanks in advance :)