Hi Everyone,

A Beta version is available FOR TESTS :

ARRM 1903 beta 13 (Executable only + configuration files)

!! You must have at least version installed !!

Copy this files over your existing files.
Copy the contents of the "Program Files (x86)" folder to "C:\"
Copy the contents of the "Nexouille Soft" folder to "%appdata%"


- Added some selectable fields in the replacement module
- Addition of a 'Delete Artwork(s)' button which allows, for the selected game, to delete the desired artwork(s).
- Addition of a 'no media only' checkbox in the 'Scrape Options' tab which only processes ROMs for which the visual media (checked in the 'Images Options' tab) are missing. Only missing media will be recovered. Scrape modules other than Screenscraper will only show you the missing media. Ideal to complete your collections. See WIKI : http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=scrapemissingartworkonlyen
- Bug correction: during a scrape on Launchbox, the previously scraped video file was deleted. (detected by Nordicpower)
- When changing the template, the template thumbnail is updated
- For HFSDb you can activate the 'Exact search' checkbox when the game title contains:
- Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented the copying of <folder> tags when creating the gamelist.xml
- Addition of xbox360 template
- Addition of an 'ARRM folders' checkbox in the 'Gamelist Options' tab: When saving the gamelist.xml, allows ARRM to automatically create <folder> tags if it finds the following files in the directories current system: 'folder-name of the folder.png' and 'folder-name of the folder.txt'. Uncheck if you use your own <folder> tags
- Addition of a 'ScummVM folders' checkbox in the 'Gamelist Options' tab: For Batocera, when creating the gamelists for the ScummVM and ResidualVM systems, automatically created the <folder> tags for the games.
- Added a checkbox 'Create empty Rom file when no exists (Dev)' in the 'Tools' tab: When loading the gamelist.xml, if the ROM file does not exist, ARRM will create an empty file. This feature is used by the developer and is not remembered.
- Addition of configuration files for the xbox360 system added in Batocera by Foclabroc
- Update of the steamdb and launchbox database

Download Beta link : http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/category/11-arrm-update-correctif