Hello Everyone,

ARRM final is available


- Added: Unitary or mass translation of Game Descriptions in the language of your choice. See wiki: http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=translatedescriptionen (thanks Schmurtz for the url)

- Added: When several systems are checked, it is now possible to choose the scrape engine you want and no longer only Screenscraper

- Added: When creating video with overlays, if auto template is not checked, ARRM will look in the 'templatesvideo' directory for a template with the same name as the template currently used by ARRM. If not present, ARRM will take the currently used template it finds in 'templates'. Voir wiki : http://www.jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=videooverlay_en

- Added: Checkbox 'compress video+overlay' allowing to compress 'video+overlay' during their creation (the 'Compress video' checkbox no longer applies to 'video+overlay'

- Added: In templates, layers can be applied depending on the format (Portrait, Landscape, CD) of Screenshot/Boxart/Cartridge/Boxback. See example with the mixsplashMAME template from TVsIan (see wiki: http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=createtemplate-en#conditionallayers)

- Added: In templates, screenshot can take Portrait, CD or Landscape attributes. See wiki: http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=createtemplate-en#screenshot  (see TVsIan template : mixsplash_MAME)

- Added: When scraping on HFSDB if the game is not found with its MD5, a file %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\temp\missingHFSDBMD5%system%.txt is created which could be useful to feed the HFSDB DB . See wiki: http://www.jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=scraper-hfsdb-en#listofmd5notfound   (look at template : cd portrait landscape sample)

- Added: 'Round Wheel (HFSDB / Screenscraper)' button in the 'Images Options' tab allows to recover the 'round wheels' on HFSDB and Screenscraper in the wheels directory. For Screenscraper the type (carbon or steel) can be selected in the 'Assignment media Screenscraper' module


- Modification: Adaptation of certain forms so that essential information can be displayed on a resolution of 1280x720


- Fixed: STOP button on multi-system scrape was not acting as expected

- Fixed: Steam multi-system scrape not working

- Fixed: A crash could occur when ARRM wanted to use a template referenced in template_association.txt when it no longer existed

- Fixed: On Steam, some artwork found was not downloaded

- Fixed: the 'Hide cue/gdi/m3u' button did not have the expected behavior (the files did not take the <hidden> tag when they were in subdirectories) thank you cdaters

Changelog: http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=changelog-en

Download link: http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/file/10-arrm-another-recalbox-roms-manager

Donwload link for ARRM without installer : http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/category/12-arrm-executable-only

Patch page between two versions and Beta: http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/category/11-arrm-update-correctif

ARRM WIKI: http://www.jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=Start-en

Videos tutorial playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwA4JmSgv-PtLlzwPMOad5Ti96UfsbSzK

Discord: https://discord.gg/p7QsBTS

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ARRM_sofware

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ARRMbyNexusone13

Donations: http://www.jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=donations-en