ARRM Beta 9 is available for tests

Hello Everyone,

ARRM Beta 9 is available for tests

Note Important:

You must have 1915 version installed.

Now ARRM can run in 64-bits mode.

It is necessary to change the database engine by installing the file accessdatabaseengine2016x64.exe (or its 32-bit equivalent: accessdatabaseengine2016x86.exe ) which you will find in C:\Program Files (x86)\Nexouille Soft\Arrm\ See wiki :



- Added: 'The Bezel Project' button which automatically retrieves game bezels from The Bezel Project or locally and creates configuration files depending on the frontend used. See wiki:

- Added: 'GamesDB manual' checkbox in the 'Scrape Options' tab: allows the manual to be retrieved from the gamesdatabase site, when the manual was not found during the scrape (regardless of the engine)                                 

- Added: Retrobat checkbox in the 'Recalbox/Batocera/Screenscraper' tab which allows you to adapt certain features for Retrobat

- Added: Retrobat taken into account for collection creation. See Wiki:    

- Added: Exodos references: When loading a blank DOS/PC gamelist, ARRM will search its database for game information (Title, description, developer, publisher, genre, year)

- Added: A 32-bit version (arrm_32bits.exe) in the application directory, for those who encounter problems with the database engine when launching the application

- Added: Desktop shortcuts for the 64bit version (Arrm.exe) and the 32bit version (Arrm_32bits.exe), as well as a link to the WIKI

- Added: 'Add to collection' and 'Put in Cache' in the context menu of the Database

- Modification: Scummvm references: When loading a Scummvm gamelist, ARRM will search its database for game information (title, developer, genre, year)

- Modification: New version of the database.

- Fixed: Scraping on HFSDB could return incorrect results

- Fixed: Crash on addition to collection.

- Fixed: Since version 1915, fanarts were displayed in TVsIan Templates Screenshot only

- Fixed: Various bugs


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