Hello Everyone,

ARRM Beta 7 is available for tests

You must have ARRM 1916 installed


- Added: Added scrape engine on MobyGames (search on title + platform). Returns Screenshot (choose from 4 random), Titleshot, Boxart 2D, Boxback, Cartridge 2D, Wheel/logo(rarely) . See Wiki : http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=scraper-mobygames-en#settingsrelatedto_mobygames

- Added: 'ArcadeItalia' checkbox in the 'Arcade' tab associated with the 'Filter Arcade Clone' button, allows you to also check in ArcadeItalia if the selected rom is a clone, and indicates it in the 'temporary_rom' field

- Added: When loading EBOOT.bin file for PS3 in the database, the name of the PS3 game is retrieved if the file path contains PS3_GAME\USRDIR

- Modification: On Batocera, when 'PAD 2 KeY' is checked, and the system is in folder mode, the padto.keys file is copied into the game directory (request from Nordicpower)

- Modification: If the 'No image, only texts' checkbox of the 'Images Options' tab is activated, it is possible to assign images in the MixMe module without recreating the Mix image. (request by Nordicpower)

- Fixed: When scraping on Screencraper, if the Fanart media had been selected for TAGs other than Fanart, no image appeared. (reported by Balrog57)

Changelog: http://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=changelog-en

Download link for Beta: http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/category/11-arrm-update-correctif

Download link: http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/file/10-arrm-another-recalbox-roms-manager

Donwload link for ARRM without installer : http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/category/12-arrm-executable-only

Download link for Beta: http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/category/11-arrm-update-correctif

ARRM WIKI: http://www.jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=Start-en

Videos tutorial playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwA4JmSgv-PtLlzwPMOad5Ti96UfsbSzK


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