ARRM 1902 beta 6 is available for tests

Executable + configuration files : you must have at least installed !

- Addition of a 'Gamelist TAGs' tab which allows you to select the media TAGs that you want to appear in Gamelist.xml. If the associated media exists the TAG will be written. When creating gamelist.xml, a gamelistARRM.xml file containing all available tags is also created. If you want to use the 'Recompose image' function, it is important to check the 'Use GamelistARRM.xml' checkbox when you load a system in order to have all the media available.

- Addition of the checkbox '4 images mode activation' in the 'Image options' tab (request from Pajarorojo on ARRM discord)

- When the '4 images mode' is not checked, it is possible to request the download of: screenshot, boxart, marquee, cartridge. (4 images mode checked automatically downloads them) (request from Pajarorojo on ARRM discord)

- On a blank ARRM configuration, the media associated with WHEEL is assigned to the MARQUEE tag (request from Pajarorojo on ARRM discord)

- Addition of an 'Add language' Checkbox: Finds languages in the file name when loading the gamelist and assigns it to the language field if it is empty. Also works with the 'Check Roms' button

- Addition of teknoparrot in the configuration files (remember to check 'Ignore the platform on Lanchbox/TGDB/HFS' in the 'Batocera/Recalbox/Screenscraper' tab for better results on teknoparrot)

- Added advision (Entex Adventure Vision) in configuration files

- Added the search for music on GamesDB when scraping on HFS-Db / Launchbox / TheGamesDB (if GamesDB music is checked in the Scrape Options tab)

Download Beta link :

Changelog :

#ARRMbyNexusone13 #ARRM_software