We're living in a strange new world. The "shift" that thought leaders have been talking about for years is now here. No one could have predicted what it would look like, but no one can deny we are in an epic change on our beautiful planet Earth.

Millions around the world are struggling to stay afloat with the restrictions. Artists, such as myself, find ourselves in a whole new level of "WT- ... now what can I do to stay true to my work and my calling, and still survive?"

However, there is a gift in the pause. It affords us the time to go deep and get starkly (and bravely) honest with ourselves about what we really want and who we truly are. In reflection, all of those things we want to do someday come to the surface and get loud.

Maybe now, this is a point in time where things we thought impossible become possible. If we step into a new reality of our own creation, being who we came to be, no matter our age or circumstance, we may see things appear that were out of reach in the old reality.

Daydream. In spite of the chaos spinning around you, step into the eye of the storm where the calm exists. Visualize a new way. Reimagine a life you've held in your heart forever. And begin to live it, step by small step.

You may just find yourself in a whole new place when the hurricane settles.