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Thank you for donating to A WRITER'S LIFE. I'm the host, Heige S. Boehm and the author of Secrets in the Shadows published by Ronsdale Press 2019. When you donate with Buy me a coffee your donation help with fees incurred. Running a podcast . . .  Well let's just say I had no idea about the expenses 😳  

I find it exhilarating being in conversations with creatives, showcasing their work, in hope that listeners discover new or old works to read, listen or view. Because face it––there is nothing better then reading or listening to great stories, and knowing a little about the author and artist. Oh and just one  dream I want to share––I hope to generate enough donations that one day with your help––together we will be able to offer a bursary for new writers/artists. Thank you for your donations, and if not get cozy and enjoy A WRITER'S LIFE.

For a kinder world. 📚💞

Heige S. Boehm.