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Heya -- I'm Jamal! 👋 I've been a huge fan of the slickrock and canyons of southern Utah ever since visiting as a kid. Now I take extended treks there each year and document as I go. My site covers my trips with written reports, videosmaps, and galleries to help others follow in my footsteps or just live vicariously through my adventures. 😀 Thanks for the support! 🍻

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thanks Jamal I enjoyed that almost more than your longer hikes (ADD here!)

Thanks -- I appreciate the "beer"! 🍻 My plan is to sprinkle in a few shorter videos to compliment my channel and my longer hike content. TBD if I can make some more happen this fall! 

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Thanks so much! Again... I really appreciate the support and feel free to email me if you ever have questions about any Utah hikes! 👍

I've been to the Kolob section of Zion numerous times and passed by Kanarra but never stopped. I had no idea what a great little nugget!! Nice day hike. I can't imagine how difficult it is to film when you're hiking....great video👍 

Judy P
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Love your blog and YouTube channel.  Has definitely helped pass the time during this pandemic..  Cheers!

Thanks, Judy -- glad you like the videos and I appreciate the support. Cheers! 🍻

Pau Mags
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Thanks for all the hard work. It helped with my version of your walk in 2017 and Joan and I still use your info for our local walks.   If you are ever in Moab, I hope we can buy you one in person. :) 

Thanks so much, Pau! I enjoy following your adventures as well and will definitely let you guys know next time I'm out that way! 👍

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You are the man! Best videos on YouTube!

Haha -- thanks SO much! 😁