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Heya -- I'm Jamal! 👋 I've been a huge fan of the slickrock and canyons of southern Utah ever since visiting as a kid. Now I take extended treks there each year and document as I go. My site covers my trips with written reports, videosmaps, and galleries to help others follow in my footsteps or just live vicariously through my adventures. 😀 Thanks for the support! 🍻

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Don't want you to get too drunk! But, hey, thanks so much for the beta last year for the Hayduke!

Thanks, Patty -- I appreciate any and all "beer"! 🍻 You are most welcome and good luck on your new plans for 2021! 👍
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Great site and info! Thanks. I'm exploring the harder bits of the Hayduke in the first 3 sections in preparation for hopefully doing some or all of it. Your description of the descent into Youngs canyon looks very helpful. I'll try it out next week. I don't see much on miles 38-39 in section 2 but hopefully I'll be able to figure that out. We're hiking up from the Colorado River Overlook Rd

Thanks for the "beer", John! 👍 There's a general write-up for that area on my site called "Hayduke: Above Indian Creek". I replied to your comment on my site giving some feedback. It's definitely an interesting area to explore -- good luck and have fun! 😀