I am NOT responsible for your losses. You mature when you stop blaming people for your mistakes.

I will explain my work PROCESS.

It all starts with AWAKENING.

At 3 am my alarm clock goes off, it's still night in the city. Hot bath, breakfast with lots of proteins and vitamins, food supplements and instrumental music.

I'm ready for another day at work.

I am in the office. I update the daily tasks, read 2/3 Macro FX Analysis Articles and start the 2nd step.

PLANNING: I update the charts following the same steps based on years of studies on Smart Money Concepts, Supply and Demand, Elliott Wave and Fundamental Analysis. Actionable scenarios are being built.

Price action is rhythm and I am the dancer.

After finishing the planning step and sharing with my co-worker and at Buy Me A Coffee the medium and short-term actionable scenarios for each asset, I then start the second step: MANAGEMENT.

I'm working with funded accounts.

After calculating and defining the parameters that make up risk management based on my spreadsheet, I know exactly what conditions I must have in my plans to have a good result based on probabilities.

Then the next step begins: FILTERING. My goal is to filter the plans with the best Risk/Reward, trading levels/zones (highest confluences between methodologies), fundamental catalysts and correlations.

To recap: After crafting 15 plans, calculating and setting management parameters, and filtering the plans that meet my goals, I can now finally WAIT for the CONFIRMATION signal based on my knowledge of Ichimoku Indicator (TF H4 and H1) + Trend Lines to finally RUN the plans.

Conclusion: My PROCESS consists of 6 STEPS: Awakening; Planning; Management; Filtering; Confirmation and Execution.

Believe and trust the process. A new working day will begin.

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