Buy AcureTech a coffee


AcureTech is a team of two people: One is doing the repairs (and the voice-over and edit) and the other one films it (and sometimes has to get in very odd positions to do so).


AcureTech is a YouTube channel about repair tutorials that are:

1, Concise. Ever waited for a 20 minute tutorial to load on your mobile?

2, Correctly executed. We only do videos that are within our area of expertise. 

3, Provide you with what you need. Torques, tools and good lighting are essential so that your own repair is at least as good as the shop's.

If you like what we do and we helped you do a repair, please consider buying us a coffee. Thank you for your support! (We likely won't buy coffee but tools, parts and video equipment though)


AcureTech macht Reparaturvideos. Sie sind:

1, Kurz. Niemand hat Zeit für Gelaber.

2, Korrekt.

3, Enthalten alles Nötige.

Wenn wir dir mit einem Video helfen konnten, würden wir uns über einen Kaffee freuen! (Kaffeegeld wird allerdings in Werkzeuge, Teile und Videoequipment investiert ;-) )