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Terence Thomas Chamakala bought a coffee.

Hey Team JSME, this is just brilliant! Cant tell you how much I appreciate the work you have done here. I happened to check your application out when I was looking for online interactive kun models. I'll definitely come back to contribute more. Love you guys! Keep at it! And when I do upload my work sometime in the future, I'll most definitely tag you peeps! I have already shared your app with a bunch of peeps...

Thanks so much Terence! We're super amped that you're enjoying it! 

Ted Coombs bought a coffee.

Your virtual mannequin was just perfect for what I needed.

And coffee was exactly what I needed :) Thanks!

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And thank YOU! 😃 

Samuel Teixeira Santos
Samuel Teixeira Santos bought 3 coffees.

Awesome tool! Love it😍 . As soon it's possible I will publish on my instagram and time in time some coffee👌 👍 

Thanks Samuel, I'm super happy you're finding it useful! 😃 

Luca Franco bought a coffee.

Very nice job! Keep it going!

Thanks Luca!