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Artist | Digital Creative | Writer | Blogger | Teacher | Foodie | Mom | Humanitarian 🕊️ Homelessness & Poverty Rights Advocate/Activist!


I am a creative, I battle disability and fight for the homeless daily; while homeschooling my special needs Son.

I am a volunteer Advocate on Homelessness & Poverty in America. Also within the last year, we have began outreach directly on the streets assisting homeless individuals in need of kind words, friendship and some comfort - as well as hot coffee & food cash and basic essentials..

Additionally I run several volunteer projects on Mental Health, Education, Poverty + Domestic Violence providing Advocacy & Awareness individually and on Social Media..

I have several foodie blogs and lifestyle ones too - plus human interest and a personal blog.

3yrs ago I started two separate projects on homelessness & poverty in addition to invisibleHOPE. I'm currently working on a few more Humanitarian projects..

All of these are with zero funding, all expenses are out-of-pocket from my very limited income. We recently started a fundraiser to assist in helping others with hot coffee & hot meals..

My work is all unique, creative and grassroots efforts,  strictly humanitarian and volunteer inspired. For these reasons, we are not a 501(c) charity yet, we will be when we reach that tax bracket.. We are legally and professionally registered within local and federal guidelines.

This account is set up as in *about me* page and for monetary support in tips, $3 Starbucks coffee's, donations & monthly membership to my extensive creative world.

Thank you so much for reading and learning about me!



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