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Annie 1.29
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Apr 03

Kara 1.4 is released

Kara is an online chatbot which can be found on https://www, but there is also now a standalone windows based version. Yoiu can chat to her like a friend and edit all here responses, you can also edit the pictures, Kara can speak!! She has voice output so she can talk to you. She can be downloaded from the extras section on this page.

May 03

Kara chatbot for windows

I have created a windows version of kara that you can edit. See the website to download a copy.

Apr 30

Introducing Kara

Kara is my online chatbot on AI-SYSTEMS. I have created a windows version of her to run on your windows desktop. See the main page to download it. Run the installer then run kara.exe.Let me know if you have any issues.

Apr 28

Annie 1.27 released

This version comes with more data about the world as well as more intelligent responses.You can download this version here.

Feb 24

Online and Windows chatbot

It would really help me out if you could download the windows version of Annie and test her out. Let me have any comments for improvements. Also the more you chat to the online Kara system the better all my systems get. If you could talk about general topics and let me know how she does that would also help me out .

Feb 06

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An AI with a purpose
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Sep 23

Annie Windows Chatbot
An AI with a purpose
Online and Windows chatbot
Annie 1.27 released
Annie 1.29