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Not only am I a musician, but I spend a lot of time writing stories that allow people an escape from the stresses of life. Humorous and thought provoking "words of wisdom", tales of life. :) 
I also write books for children which help them deal with some of life's events, death and positive attitude. Remember when you were a child? Me too. It is my hope that I can help children get through those tough situations.
I am in the process of writing a novel based upon a true story of false accusation. I had hoped to have it finished before the end of 2020, but that did not happen. Why? Because I, so to say, am a perfectionist. So is my editor. When it is ready and the "nest egg" for advertising is built up, it will get released.
When not writing I can be found in my shop working on old motorcycles or house projects. I enjoy the outdoors so you have a good chance of finding me working in my yard or garden or possibly on the patio writing. I enjoy bird watching and feel fortunate in that I have had 32 different types of birds to enjoy in the vicinity out my back door.
If you have a story idea, let me know and maybe I can work it in somewhere.
Thank you for the coffee(s).