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Hello 👋 I just created a page here. I love sipping a cuppa while I paint and now you can buy me a coffee! yay :-)

I create magical, luminous and evocative abstract art for your pleasure.

“Affirming the root of Feminine power through art, creativity, healing and transformation”

I offer Art, books, products, workshops, retreats and coaching

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More about me and my art

The birth of my son was the most empowering experience of my life! I finally understood the power of the Feminine. However, post-divorce with a newborn child, I struggled to maintain this dynamic capacity as I navigated being mother, provider, artist and Goddess! Which gesture is mine? The dynamic energy of the masculine to “get things done” was my driving force which only left me feeling tired, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. This led me on a journey to explore the Feminine and its relevance in our patriarchal world. I discovered the compelling necessity of infusing all I do with pleasure and celebrating my Self in all ways. My paintings are a reflection of this journey and designed to inspire, uplift and tip you into your full power - your profound sense of pleasure.

Painting, for me, is like a meditation. Once I get into the “zone”, it’s as if time stands still like I’m floating down a river. The energy flows and I allow the process to take me on an intuitive journey resulting in spontaneous and deliberate acts of creation. It transcends the intellect and I paint from the heart.

My art has been described in many different ways as vibrant, colourful, luminous, evocative, sensual, passionate, meaningful, symbolic, emotive and darn right juicy! I live to inspire, empower and celebrate the Feminine.

Alex is a practicing Artist, Author and Curator and has an MA in Art Psychotherapy, exhibiting extensively in the UK and abroad, curating many personal and community exhibitions. She is an inspiring workshop facilitator and the author of The Art of Birth – Empower Yourself for Conception, Pregnancy & Birth (sold through Amazon and other online platforms).

In 2016 Alex co-curated and participated in an art and science exhibition in the UK Parliament to raise awareness on Child Health starting from conception – the 1001 Critical Days – and has developed this project under the new name Zero2 Expo. The portable exhibition is called: Birthing a Better Future Art & Science Exhibition

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