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Hi, thank you for finding me here. Some of you will know me from Twitter, others from my newsletter, The Planet, or the four podcasts per week that I publish on Callin, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts. Or perhaps you know me from Instagram, YouTube, Medium, other (social) media, or public speaking engagements. 

I'm happy that nearly half a million people follow me; it shows that what I create means something to many people.

Some of you have asked me how to say thanks and support my work because you know that's what makes it possible for me to continue writing and creating content for social media. Of course, one way is to subscribe to my newsletter, but the easiest way to show your appreciation is to buy me a cup of coffee.

So that's where "Buy me a Coffee" comes in; it gives you the option to say "thank you" for what I create for you on the internet. On this site, you can buy me a coffee. And if you feel that I deserve a coffee every month, you can do that automatically to fuel my work.

I will soon start to travel for more than four months, and I will share the stories of my journeys to seven (or more) countries on three continents with you in my newsletter, podcasts, and social media. Then, in the winter, I will again write from Canada. Coffees from you during my travel and during the cold Canadian winter will keep me writing and podcasting. So expect some coffee pictures in return.

Alexander Verbeek, May 7, 2022