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It all started as a way to cope with my fragile mental health, as a way to manage my anxiety and depression, I started painting as a tactic to distract myself from all the negative thoughts that would revolve around my head.

Then spirituality came into the picture, it made me feel connected and like a had a purpose, Spirituality was a second way I found to carry on with life. And then, when I was least expecting I found myself being so much happier.

But I needed a way to permanently add those two things into my life...

So you could say that "Alexandra Linwood Art" borns from the necessity of finding a way to combine two of the things that helped me the most, Art & Spirituality.

My goal with Alexandra Linwood Art is to help others connect with their inner magic (selflove) and to find their spirituality throuh art, just as I did. That's why all my art is full of symbolism and occult meanings.

Nathalie claimed Simple Conceptual Illustration.