Back4Blood, a horror and survival game that has a cooperative mode. The narrative takes place in a post-apocalypse world in which most of humanity has been killed and the other half infected. A group of survivors come together and fight with all their might for their lives, and to find out the fact of the events.

But in the trailer, there was more talk about the identity and history of each character, so let's talk a little about them:

Holly Forrester has learned to channel all her energy into being a Sentinel and is known as the glue that holds the team together. Armed with her trusty nailhead baseball bat that she affectionately calls "Dottie", Holly's resilience and never give up attitude help boost the team's morale and is often seen as a ray of light in the darkness of the apocalypse.

Walker - The oldest of five brothers, Elijah Walker was born in Evansburgh into a hard-working, working-class family. The former Army member and war-torn veteran is highly skilled, with extensive combat experience on the front lines. 

Doc was waiting when she came to America. Fiercely independent, she sacrificed her social life for her career. Only years later did she finally find a soulmate in Mother. After the Collapse, Doctor's serious attitude and pragmatic outlook served her well.

Karlee trusted only herself. No one knows much about her, and she is fine with that. Although seen as a nuisance at best and a spoiler at worst, her actions have repeatedly proven which side she is on. Now with the Contagion on the rise, she has chosen to fight on the side of the survivors. 

Jim. From a very young age, he would go into the field with his father, hunting and trapping. After a stint in the army, he returned home, only to see it devastated by the Collapse. Now he has found his place among the most trusted Sentinels.

Hoffman - a meticulous individual, enthusiastic preparer and conspiracy theorist. When the infection hit, he and his mother crouched down and braved the storm while the rest of the world fell into chaos.

Evangelo - he may be the youngest and least experienced Sentinel on the team, but he has proven to be a fast learner.

Mom became the voice of the survivors in Finleyville was herself. She never shies away from a challenge and always puts the needs of others above her own.

Back 4 Blood will be released on October 12th, with versions for PC, Playstation 5, Playstation 4,Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.