Today, we will talk about a game that may not have reached that success in the PlayStation studios, but in matters of open world, is still considered as one of the great releases. We simply won't go into more deep details because most of the followers have already seen some gameplays, and played this beautiful game, we will simply focus on the news and talk about some old points of the game, that are worth talking about.

As we know it, the game suffered from huge loadings, fluidity problems, and bugs, and over time the developer is solving this problem and really I can guarantee that it will be a wonder to play it on PlayStation 5. 

Already on the PC, the game are more incredible, loading times have decreased and are faster, the graphics are even better, a nice news is that this version supports Ultra-wide, mice, and keyboards, unlike the previous version. With these accessories and others added, they gave a more incredible and beautiful experience, I can even say that it is more beautiful than the original, I also say that in certain aspects, it is superior to the PlayStation 5. But don't worry, it's not just any PC that you notice this.