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I’m a 28 year old, Hamburg-based, ginger, freckled and curly-haired Illustrator who has a passion for art, photography, animals, plants, nature, science, fashion, games and movies.

Hi ? Welcome to my BMC page. Unfortunately I don’t drink coffee but maybe you’d like to buy me a cup of hot tea? ??

Even the smallest backup and support of yours would help to do more of what I’m passionate about and to build up a future based on things that make me happy . Starting with spending more time on my art and photography and ending up with buying some small small things that help me to become a better artist: for instance some apps as a 3D-sculpting app and a sensu paintbrush for my iPad, a new pc, which isn’t 10 years old and works properly, or a simple camera to capture memorable moments so that i don’t have to use my old phone which doesn’t even focus anymore. So if you like my content, please consider buying me a cup of tea. Thanks for your support!