Not-So-Weekly Update 4/29/2022

Hey gang! My apologies for the super infrequency of my updates lately. Not that they've ever been super frequent, but still. You're all kind enough to support me, so I should at least keep you informed. Why haven't I been writing? Well, that's an answer I'm still working out. Something about sitting down and writing what's going on feels daunting. Chaotic, uncertain times like these feel like the exact time I should be journaling, but it just feels so heavy.... more

Apr 29

Music Monday - We Can't Stop

Hello! This week's Music Monday selection is Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop."This song captures the spirit of the rebellious party person - indulgent, intentionally defiant, "Fuck you if you try to tell me what to do." Almost by definition as a thief, Felicia Hardy is a rebel. She is all about indulging and having fun, and doing what feels good regardless of legality or social morality.But in all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll of this song, there's also... more

Mar 14

Music Monday - Jam (Turn It Up)

This week's a fun one. I know, you're thinking, "Kim K? Really?" Yes, really.If you're just now tuning in to Music Monday, this is where I share a song from my Felicia Hardy playlist. I like to get into a character by thinking of their favorites - music, books, movies, etc.See, Felicia is a thief. She loves expensive things and works hard to get them. Aaand I think she has a little trashy side. After a long night of flipping across rooftops, I see her curling up on the... more

Mar 07

Not-So-Weekly Update 3/4/2022

Hey gang! Writing to you from sunny LA, as promised.I'll say it's hard lately to write these posts. So much is going on. I feel like if I talk about it, I'll realize just how overwhelmed I am. I was thinking this, sitting in my Airbnb in LA. It's only my third day here, and I've chosen to stay inside and get work done. I have a Zoom meeting/recording later and dinner with my oldest brother tonight, so it's not like I'm doing nooooothing. So I thought I'd... more

Mar 04

Not-So-Weekly Update 2/19/2022

Hello hello! How the heck are you? I hope good. I'm quite overwhelmed if I'm being honest, so this will probably be a quick post. In a little over a week, I leave for sunny California, where I'll be spending all of March. Exciting, yes, but also so much. So much to pack. So much to explore. So much to juggle. Classes, friends, ongoing work, the places I want to see.Oh, and making sure the house is clean before I go. Putting away the clothes that have been in piles for weeks now... more

Feb 19

Music Monday - She Said

This week's Music Monday is very special to me. Before Brie Larson won an Oscar, before she was Captain Marvel, she had a little song on Disney Channel called "She Said." This song featured highly on my various pump-up playlists in high school, especially those I listened to before my college auditions. The lyrics and the music video were everything to me. They were exactly how I was feeling in my acting career. Never the lead in high school, not the prom queen or the cheer... more

Jan 17

Acting in Quarantine
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