Dec 16, 2022

Not-So-Weekly Update 12/16/22

Hi gang! Thank you for your patience between posts. I know this is the Not-So-Weekly Update, but I also know it's been SUPER not-so-weekly. So what's been going on during my radio silence? A lot. So much, in fact, that it's been too overwhelming to sit and write about it, hence the long time away.August: One on One/Next Level Atlanta Agent Showcase. It went as well as it could go without me actually getting any offers from agents. The anonymous feedback forms were once again... more

Oct 14, 2022

Not-So-Weekly Update 10/14/22

Hey gang! Thanks as always for your patience between updates and, of course, your support. The fact that anyone reads this is...inspiring? Hope...inducing? Brain's a little fuzzy, but you get it.Honestly, not a whole ton to report. Haven't had many self-tape requests, which means no auditions. Haven't had the money for agent meetings. But I'm consistently submitting to casting notices on places like Actors Access and Mandy USA. Backstage upped their price AGAIN, so I'm... more

Aug 20, 2022

Help Wanted! & Not-So-Weekly Update 8/20/22

Hey gang! Wanted to get a quick update in here since I know it's been a while, and then I'll share why I need your help. So! Things have been pretty crazy. Agent meetings have slowed down because of, well, money. I have less coming in now with my nanny gig over, and I'm making up for that with more in-person murder mystery shows, which have been taking up a lot of time and energy. They've been going really well, though! I've learned two, soon to be three, new show... more

Aug 10, 2022

My Timing Sucks

So I found a super cool casting call on Backstage on Monday. It was for a Geico Halloween commercial. Very cute. However, I was exhausted from my drive home from PA that morning, had to review the script for my murder mystery show on Tuesday, had to prep for recording Tabula Rasa, B!tches then actually record, and by the time I was done with it all, I was just too exhausted. I crashed, telling myself I would do it after my show Tuesday. After all, I'm not gonna put forth a good audition... more

Jul 01, 2022

Not-So-Weekly Update 7/1/22

Hey gang! Busy bee, so I'll keep this short. Things are hectic but good. When I'm not in private appointments with agents or casting directors, I'm working on podcasts for Simpler Media, Empty Set Entertainment, or Tabula Rasa, B!tches. Hayden got an impromptu promotion, and his little brother moved in. Hazel is thrilled. Suffice it to say; the house is a mess. BUT I did clear out a lot of stuff for a yard sale, so my office is a lot less cluttered and more organized. And we had... more

Jun 11, 2022

A Few Things I'm Proud Of

Today, I had my third LA agent panel. I did my Kate Beckett scene from the Castle pilot and NAILED it. *fist pump* Like the previous two panels, I was to "say a little bit about yourself" after my scene. Which I maintain is one of the cruelest things you can ask of someone, but this time I think I nailed that, too. I simplified things by making a bullet-point list of recent events/projects/experiences I'm proud of while I was waiting for my turn. I didn't even try to... more

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