It's been another busy week, my dears. But THIS WEEK, I got to be on set! My favorite place in the world. Can't say what for, but it will be on Netflix, and it's a show I actually watch! Funnily enough, the production company doing the series is the same company that did my first screen work ages ago. One of the crew even recognized me - wild. I was especially excited to see the same PA for the background that I worked with back in January. He likes me, so when it was time to dismiss some of the background and keep some on, he put me in the group staying. Ted's the best.

What was NOT the best was all the people I heard complaining. Complaining about the long walks, complaining about sitting on the grass instead of chairs, complaining about just walking around instead of doing something interesting. You are a background actor! That is your job. It is literally what you're being paid for. And none of these complaints came from first-timers, which means they chose this. Ooohhhh, that shit pisses me off. Why tf are you even here then? We have the best job in the world. If you disagree, GTFO!

The weather was beautiful, and we were shooting in parks near the monuments in DC. All of the crew were super nice, ensuring we had shade and water, always checking in. Wardrobe was frequently walking around, spraying us with sunscreen. Even as background, we were so taken care of. Not to mention the quality of Craft Services, which was at every location, not just basecamp or the holding area.

Luckily, I got to end my day with a nice scene right on the water, paired with another woman about my age who turned out to be just as nerdy as me. She totally "Yes, and"-d when I took my prop camera, zoomed in on the Washington Monument, and said, "Now if you look carefully, you can even see where they had to replace the window near the top; after Spider-Man broke it." We had a good time.

It's looking like I might get to work again next weekend. I've been taking advantage of a casting connection I have, and she hooked me up for her current project. Woo! Women helping women!

Working out has been going great, too. I finally finished a whole course of Barre Blend on Beachbody after at least two false starts. Now on to the next one!

Social media stuffs have been going well. Several of my Instagram Reels have over a thousand views, and one is over three thousand! Definitely more than I was expecting to start with. It's very encouraging and motivating.

Our AC finally got replaced yesterday! More unnecessary drama with it, but whatever. It's done now. I got my office curtains up and the floating shelves in my bedroom. Curtains for the bedroom and downstairs are next. More shelves, too. The house is starting to look real now.

Also, coming up this week, I'm being fit for Invisiline. Like many, I wasn't great about wearing my retainer once I got to college. They're not horrible, but I notice it, and it feels important as an actor, so it'll be at least a partial business write-off. And once I'm done with it, it'll work as a retainer and double as a nightguard. I grind my teeth. I don't love the added monthly bill, but it seems like something better done sooner rather than later.

It's been a stressful time. I feel like I'm constantly bouncing back and forth between confident and super-hopeful about the future and overwhelmed and pessimistic about my chances. Regardless of how I feel, I put in the work. I don't have to feel it or believe it to do it. There's no telling where "my big break" could come from, so I keep doing the thing. If I refuse to stop, something will come out of it all, right? ...right?

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