These principles must be put into action and established from day 1. They will save your relationship during trying moments of stress

- Honesty and openness: This principle must be established. When you and your partner have a foundation of openness, you both will not find it hard to communicate during difficult or stressful situations

- Vulnerability: When you both have made effort to become free with each other with any fear, you both will find it easy to express yourself to each other in times of stress.

-Teachability: When this has been established you both are open to learn from your mistakes, improve yourselves and derive lessons from stressful situations.

-Kindness: When kindness is established, you both will form the habit of being kind to each other even during moments of stress when all you want to do is scream at each other

-Patience and tolerance

-Emotional intelligence and maturity

-Loyalty: Are u willing to cheat just because you're stressed in your relationship? Are you willing to stay loyal even when your partner is acting up due to stress? Loyalty is true friendship.