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I am an artist, dancer, and model from the Big Island of Hawaii. I currently work for the Kipaipai Art Foundation as an administrative assistant and live model, as well as being one of the graduates from the inaugural year of the school's Atelier program in realistic drawing and oil painting. I have a passion for anatomy and the human figure, as well as fairy tales, story-telling, and animals.

Originally from New Jersey, I graduated with a BFA in Fine Art Illustration in 2006, from the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, PA. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for four years before I moved out to Hawaii, where I have lived on the Big Island for the past 8 years.

My main passions in life are painting, drawing, and belly dancing, but I also love astronomy and gardening and hiking. In general, the outdoors.

I really like pizza and tacos.

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instagram: @alykatsoup for Kipaipai Art Foundation's Modeling Page.