This month I'm taking a class to expand my reiki healing to master/teacher level. My text book is on its way. I'm thrilled that it teaches the meridians! I'm excited to see what other healing services I might offer as I continue my education. Goals are one thing, and learning more about meridians has been a recent one, but the truth about being an intuitive healer is that sometimes the work just comes, and I rise to the opportunity without ever having planned it.

This course isn't cheap. It's the most expensive so far, but it is always worth it. I've set a goal to raise the money on Buy Me a Coffee, so if you've ever considered buying me a coffee, please do it now, when I need it most. Your contribution will ripple into the universe and manifest so much healing!

You can also book a session at! Most of my services are available remotely to everyone worldwide. Contact me if you have any questions at all!