Buy Amos Shelter a coffee


AMOS Shelter is an association for the protection of animals. Unlike other associations here in our country, we are striving to build a shelter with great conditions for the suffering and homeless animals. 

Based in North Macedonia, only in year 2020, we have found homes for more than one hundred animals in our care.

At the moment we care for 27 dogs and 48 cats and of course let's not forget our 2 turtles.

Amos Shelter has five wonderful UK admins that make sure every animal at Amos finds the most suitable home. These admins manage the Amos network in the UK meaning that they make sure every adoption goes smoothly, are always ready for surprises and urgent cases, and make sure that every animal already adopted in the UK is doing well. 

Amos Shelter is run by the president of the association who makes sure every animal at Amos gets their needed medical attention until it is completely healthy.

Amos currently helps country-wide in North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania and even the UK, and is dedicated to saving as many animals as possible.

We now need help to at least provide suitable living conditions for the animals that are already in our care. Our goal is to build a shelter and not pay for boarding kennels anymore.

Before you decide to help us, you are also welcome to take a look at our social media pages and see how we operate and how we spend our day, everyday.