Just Thinking Creatively

by Anabel Diaz=Anading

Lately recharging energy is my thing. Taking a sun bath for a few minutes a day, makes me feel good. Thanks to the small garden in the back, I can connect with nature. That got me thinking, that if I moved the laptop near the door that opens to the garden, I can be a step away from the energy. So I did it. This small movement made a real deal of inspiration to me. Now I can feel the air, take a walk outside, medidate, watch the grass being heal by the rain, contemplate two worlds in a secure area.

Walking outside...um...these days is out of my routine. But still in my plans as I had been doing it for the past year. Who could tell that my, not everyday by the way, morning walkings will add around 320 km...wow that was a goal reached and by just let myself hear my body needs.

Hope that inspired you too.