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After managing the brands for over 17 countries, handling the marketing and communications strategies for 100M Euro projects, organizing major community events and serving as a global branding director in Scotland, I'm taking all that corporate experience and pouring it into every small business, solopreneur and personal brander I meet. This is why The ADS Agency exists. This is what @missads08 is here for: helping your brand figure out how to move through this world.

Favorite Project: I'm also working on #TheScotlandBook. Here's a synopsis for you: In her early thirties, Andrea D. Smith was far behind on having everything an American woman was supposed to want - no husband (though plenty of close calls), no home (she reasoned she was far too mobile for that), no kids (goes without saying without the husband...right?). The only thing she really had going for herself was a life full of mounting community responsibilities (creating an endless, dizzying schedule of galas, 5K's and networking happy hours), seemingly meaningless awards, a wanna-be fiancé who only wants her for the boxes she checks off on his future-political-wife checklist and a mildly successful career she carved out for herself as a marketer (a far cry from her original premed aspirations). #Travelling the world was something she thought might be far outside her grasp - reserved for the moderately affluent or the retired. She was betting on the retired.

This is the story of how she left that would-be "Community Celebutante" world behind to say YES to a chance door that opened up due to some quick wins and global exposure on a new job. Now for 12 months, she has a new lease on life, a #tabularasa of her own, to freshly #explore a whole new world as a resident of #Scotland. Here she learns the surprising joy of #minimalism, what it feels like to #detox from American culture and is granted the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redefine the possibilities of her life.