That early morning, everyone was greeted by the tiny snowflakes falling from the sky. It was not long for the whole town to be covered in white, bringing excitement and joy to the children as they ran all over town playing with each other. However, whilst everyone was enjoying the wonderful season, one person was all cope up in her room covered in piles of paperwork. 

“Lady Tina, I’m here to report about…”

Many came to visit the girl in her office as her workload turned into a mountain. Each person who came by to report was impressed by how determined and flawless the girl was working. In every report, she was about to determine and notice any flaws and changes necessary to make things even much better. 

Finally, the girl was able to breathe after hearing the last report of the day. She sighs heavily as she felt her brain malfunction from all the hard work. 

'Ah- man... This is so boring, my high school work is even harder than this. The only problem is that my body is still so weak despite having successfully removed most of the poison.' She regrettably sighs in deep thought whilst gazing at the ceiling.

Athena looked at the mountain of paperwork, frustrated by the mountain of work piled on her desk. 

"Is something wrong My Lady?" Greyford said as he brought some snacks and refreshments for her. 

Athena only shook her head with a smile on her face.

‘Nothing is indeed wrong, but these numbers are so boring. Even a grade-schooler back in my world can handle this, yet they praised me for being a genius. Well, I am a genius back in my world.’

Since Greyford arrived with some food, she decided to take a quick break. She was enjoying the pleasing smell of the tea and pastry. Apart from investing in medicine, she discovered that not a single kingdom has invested in flower tea, fruit tea, and medicinal tea.

A few hours later, Greyford steps back inside the office again. "My lady, it's time for your nap."

...Since my body is still at its development stage, Greyford has been strict about my health. He makes sure I eat three proper meals and at least two snacks during the day, take my nap, and at the same time reminds me to take my medication (which are all prepared by Lirius).

Athena got up and moved to one of the corners of her office which was covered in piles of pillows. "Fuji, come here…"

Fuji laid himself down as Athena wrapped herself around him. Since Fuji was like a huge pillow, soft and huggable it didn't take long for her to fall asleep.


Moments later, Esme and another servant step inside the office bring a bowl of water and a towel. 

"Lady Athena…"

Athena rubs her eyes as she slowly opens them, "Esme…"

Esme helped Athena up as the servant handed the wet towel to her to clean her face. They then slowly brushed and arranged her hair neatly.

As they were preparing the girl, the door to her office opened, and a man stepped in. 

"Fred?" Athena turned around and smiled.

"You're awake." Serfred said as he lifted her up in his arms. "Should we go?"

"Let's go…"

Despite the fact that she was better and her body could handle more work, everyone still continued to carry her around. It was more like a precaution measurement they all took to avoid exhausting themselves. Plus, in everyone’s eyes, she was still but a child. 

"Master, My Lady…" 

One of the stewards of the house said while bringing their horse with a couple of soldiers along.

Serfred helped Athena on her horse, as he got on his horse afterward. As they headed towards the town and to the small villages. The people happily greeted her as they passed by.

Athena got down from her horse with the help of one of the soldiers.

"Lady Tina, it's good to see you…"

"Lady Tina, how have you been?"

The small villages were home to twenty people, meaning at least eight families lived in the small village together. There aren't a lot of kids in the village, but at least their number is growing. The main reason why their number is small, they are in charge of taking care of the farmlands in their area.

"Elder, how’s the situation in the village?” Athena asked the old man who she placed in charge of the small village.

"My Lady, everything is going well as we followed your plans. Once winter is over we should be expecting a fruitful harvest." The old man explained.

"I'm glad to hear that…" She smiled as she continued to walk around the village and check the different livestock.

After she completed her inspection, she then went back to where everyone was waiting and got back on her horse. "Let's continue..."

The next village was on the outskirts of the land, it was near the land of the Baron, whose son was killed by Fuji. It worried Athena before that they might actually seek revenge, but since the Baron wasn't that powerful and quite poor. Nothing of the sort happened to the land as of now…

"Lady Tina." The Chief said who was working in the fields.

"Chief, I came to visit the village." She replied

"I’ll join you, My Lady." He said as he followed beside them. As they walked to the village passing through the farmlands, he explained how things were doing, as expected,it was doing well like the other villages she had established.

"Have you had any problems lately?" She asked. 

The Chief was silent for a moment before answering her back, he was hesitant in whether he should inform her of trivial matters.  "Well, a few days ago. Some men came asking for tax for using their land… Since we didn't know whether you sent them or the owner of the land did. We paid them the amount they seek…"


Athena’s blood runs cold from what she was hearing. Her face turned completely dark in disbelief of what she was hearing. She did not expect someone to dare to mess with her people. 

"It seems the Lord of the land might have returned since his man came and asked for taxes." He explained worriedly, frightened to see the sudden change in the girl’s expression. The fact he felt the girl’s aura belief released scared him the most. 

‘It can't be. If Lord Caelestis had returned he would seek taxes from Wolfden first since it was the only village in the northern territory. It could only mean that the men were sent by someone else.’ She thought to herself as she tried to analyze the situation. 

"Have they returned since then?" 

"No My Lady, we have not heard from them for over two weeks now," 

"If they do return, send words to me at once," She said as she walked away with burning anger that someone has indeed been preying on her people’s hard work. 

‘How dare does b*stard take what's not there. I’ve worked for too long just for them to use it for free. Money does not simply just grow on trees…’

"Athena what wrong?" Serfred said as he finally arrived with the party of knights.

"Someone dares to cheat me…" She was vexed by the fact that someone has been using people’s hard-earned money for their own benefits. 

"What do you mean?"

As Athena explained to Serfred what the Elder told her, Serfred's expression too changed hearing such awful news.

"It could only be the Baron’s men since he is the closest lord in the land," He explained after concluding who the culprit could be. 

“If it's him indeed, then I shall happily cut off his hand for touching what’s not his.” She clenched her hand into a fist in anger at everything. 

'How dare those b*stard bully the people in the village. Just you wait, I'll make you pay for what you've done.'