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I am an openly gay writer and Queer Liberation Activist living and organizing in Enugu, Nigeria. I create prose-form content, both fiction and non-fiction (memoir/personal essay, social commentary, critique, etc). I will also start making video essay content on my YouTube soon.

My work interrogates themes of queer identity, resistance and liberation in the African context. I am the Central Committee Chair of the Queer Union for Economic and Social Transformation (QUEST9ja), a radical queer collective organizing towards queer liberation in Nigeria.

As a poor queer African man, I am interested in telling stories that take queer Africans as a given, and that interrogates the economic exploitation that harms us and stifles our communities. My experience organizing within and for my community is what drives me and inspires my art.  

You can support me by donating whatever you can to help me keep creating my art.