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Anita Flejter is a CMO and Co-Founder of Ultimate Tango School of Dance, where Argentine Tango is taught not as a dance but as a philosophy of life. 

In Argentine Tango there is a belief that you cannot find Tango, the Tango will find you, essentially paraphrasing saying that when the student is ready the teacher will arrive. That’s why at Ultimate Tango the main focus is on creating an environment for building relationships and community, developing communication, awaking femineity and masculinity, and allowing yourself to use both.

Hernan and I (Anita), teach Tango by revealing the structure of the dance, nature of the movement, ability to clearly communicate, convey and understand through touch, reading the body language and embracing your own body space, and building self-awareness. It takes time, but it’s very cleansing, self-curing and we experience many people crying themselves out as it is the tango that helps them, not even to understand, but to admit that they are lost, that they are stuck, and they need to allow for change to happen to become fulfilled and to reach towards their potential.