On the other side, the team ambushed by Wang Jun and the others, was having a relaxing time.

"This team is literally just giving us free kills, I mean who gets blown by the grenades in that way, hahaha."

"Leave these newbies to me."

"Wow, Weishen, you are too much, using rookie to practice your marksmanship, I don't care, I also want few headshot."

"Don't worry, I will leave one for you, or else your viewers will come to complain to me about not giving you kills."

"Hee hee, nice nice~ chat, have you seen it, today I have invited a member of the professional team 4am to carry us, this is the start of the assault, our group will definitely win the chicken in this match!"

"They seem to be running,I'll follow them first."


Weishen does his part as a leader professionally. He was full of confidence. It's easy kill even if there are three opponents against him.

Weishen, who rushed uphill, just saw Wang Jun leaving.He instantly raised his m416 assault rifle to shoot this running newbie.

Just as he was about to fire, a clear gunshot exploded in his ears.

Then he collapsed to the ground.

"There is a sniper! The son of a bitch shot from the northwest!"

The moment he was sniped down, Weishen already knew the opponent's location and instantly reported to his teammates.

At the same time, his heart starts beating faster and faster, he just stopped for less than 0.5 second and this player knockdown him already, is this a lucky shot or some experienced player?

"Gosh! It's terrible~~"

The other two teammates are not in a hurry, one finding the location and the other running to help their leader, fearing that Weishen will be killed.

From this the ability of a professional team can be seen.

Unexpectedly, the other party simply ignored Weishen who had fallen to the ground, and a small head emerged from behind the bunk again.

The streamer was about to shoot him, but this time the other party instantly retracted and fired a shot in the middle of nowhere.

"Funny, I'm being suppressed by Kar98 equipped newbie."

The other player smiled disdainfully.

But as soon as she finished speaking, she fell to the ground as if she had been cursed. The second-level helmet that was on her head had already broken and disappeared. There was a bloody hole in the center of her forehead.


This time, three players burst into foul language at the same time.

Really? ? ?

How's that possible? And it's so fast! Even Gu cun, the professional sniper, is not that fast!

"Smoke and run, don't stay near him! There is a problem!"Weishen commanded decisively.

The other members obeyed the order immediately. They hid behind the tree to protect themselves from the bullets.

on the other side, the streamer was hiding behind a stone at a loss what to do.

"Hey! I just picked up some good loots, I don't want to die!"

With her not so funny humor, the tension in the scene eased a lot.

"Bro, stop screaming! Come and help me, by the way, give me the kill, I want to get rid of this bastard!"Weishen said seriously.

"Oh, here, big brother, don't hit me. I'm just carrying bag~~~" while shouting, the female streamer has to take a step toward Weishen.

Although scared, she knew that if Weishen died, she will also be killed.

Fortunately, the smoke bombs were sufficient, and she ran during the smoke so she did not get shot.


Weishen gets up, replaced his broken helmet with the female streamer and with full confident ran for a higher position and took out his own M 24 sniper rifle, with the eight-fold scope in his hand, he could clearly see the scenery on the opposite side.

In the scope, the person's head will be exposed, as long as the other person appears to take the shot again, this time Weishen is confident that he can kill him in seconds!

"If you show up, you'll die." Weishen stared at the screen, and the M24 that he's holding is looking like it's about to burst out the bullets at any time.


The smoke bomb dissipated, and Jiang Siming, who was hiding behind the slope, couldn't help leaning out to check the situation.

There were too many smoke bombs, and he couldn't aim at the target at all without missing some bullets.

Originally he wanted to throw a grenade, but Wang Jun and the others had already ransacked his backpack. There were only few bullets and smoke bombs were in his bag.


The moment he leaned forward, Jiang Siming was already shot., and the health bar fell down more than half, leaving only a trace of health behind.

Frightened Jiang Siming hurriedly shrank back, and at the same time he was fortunate that the opponent missed his head. If it wasn't for his second-level armor, which offset a lot of damage, he would be a dead body already.

"Shit! I Missed the headshot!" Weishen was a little upset, but he didn't think it mattered, he was already in complete control of the situation.

"If you show up again, you will die!"

As soon as Wei Shen finished speaking, on the other side of the scope, a player head came out again, but it shrank back at the speed of light and fired a shot just like before.


The dull sound of bullets entering the body.

Weishen found that there was a hole in his head, and only one-fifth of his health bar remained.

Weishen was startled, and his back was covered with cold sweat, hurriedly went down and start applying medicine.

If this shot was headshot, he would have been already killed by the opponent.

"Is this person hacking?" Xiao Xing was very suspicious.

Weishen disagreed and says: "The plugin phenomenon disappeared a year ago. The anti-plugin mechanism co-produced by Blue Hole and fujixun is super powerful. As long as the account has a little problem, it will be blocked in seconds. Ninety-five percent has already been blocked, let alone the instant shot plugin, which has long since disappeared."

That said, everyone thinks it makes sense.

While they were talking, the Kar98 voice sounded again, and the little streamer hiding behind the tree fell to the ground!

After reviving the fallen comrade, the streamer poked her head out to find Jiang's position, only to get another sniper bullet.

This time she didn't have time to crawl back and was killed by another bullet.

"Fuck, this is too unscientific, right?" Xiao Xing almost breaks his keyboard in anger, obviously unconvinced of the opponent's skills.

Weishen's expression was also solemn, his sixth sense tells him that the other party is not a hacker but a very experienced sniper!

"Why's he shooting so soon?" asked a teammate puzzled.

"This shows that he's starting to get impatient, and he might be getting low of bullets. I will help from the back, you two will go over him."

When Weishen said this, he was a little embarrassed. The four of them play with each other almost every day, but now they had to use shameless tactics. He could already guess the content of the live stream.

"Okay, rush towards him."Weishen didn't hesitate to command, and the player behind him followed the order obediently.

The two rushed up knowing that the other party was still in low health. The victory is already near...