She just remembered the news that a few days ago the little girl fell in love with a passer-by. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with... brother Jiang Siming...

TuanTuan's face went dark when she realized it, and she felt as if her most precious treasure was being coveted and destroyed right in front of her.

"Although you liked him first, that doesn't mean Brother Xiaoming agreed to be with you. I still have a chance! Let's have a Fair play, but I will make sure I won't lose!"

Thinking of this, TuanTuan regained her confidence and prepared to confess about her feeling to Jiang Siming, but she never thought that he was on a call again.

Jiang Siming really didn't expect that within two days, he would provoke two very popular female streamers.

As soon as he hung up Tuantuan's call, he received a call from Little Sister Dou.(i.e. old women or Dai Xiaomei)

When Jiang Siming accepted the call, the other party indicated their identification and purpose. Hearing her he couldn't refuse her order cause the other party has already worked so hard to contact him.

The other party also has ordered a one-month order. At first He wanted to refuse since being a playmate for one whole month is just a pain in the ass.

"Brother, don't worry. Although I ordered a one-month order, I will never force you to accompany me to play, and I will also not specify any time. I will still give you one month's money and when you can play games, you just have inform me."

The little girl was very considerate.

After listening, Jiang Siming was relieved and said with a smile: "Thank you, then. When you invited me the other day, I was not at the computer for a moment. Just when I went into the lobby, You went offline."

He felt it was necessary to say something, after all, the girl waited for him an hour.


The little girl was surprised. She thought Jiang Siming had deliberately ignored her, but she did not expect this to be a big misunderstanding and coincidence.

"Really. Why would I lie?"


NuoNuo's heart was beating like a bouncing ball before but after the confirmation, she felt like it got fried.

Hearing everthing The lost sweet smile returned to her face.

"Then Brother, do you have time now? Shall we play games together?"

Jiang Siming's originally depressed mood has already disappeared and seeing that it was still early, he readily agreed.

NuoNuo who has been away from her seat for almost half an hour returned to the computer from outside the room. The girlfriend Erqian who has replaced her in live broadcast was relieved and immediately got up to give up her position.

"How is it? Looking at you, you seem very happy?" she teased.

"Of course, Brother promised to double row with me~" Little Sister NuoNuo made no secret of her joy.

The viewers in the live broadcast room can smell the sweet scent of love from the other sides of the screen.

"TSK TSK, you were so lifeless before, now look at you full of life"

"Sure enough, the IQ of a woman in love drops to negative."

"The old woman is stuck in the swamp of love, unable to run away. No one can help her now!"

"Old woman, don't be happy too early. Visually, TuanTuan also seems to like brother Jiang, you have a rival in love."

"What upstairs is right. TuanTuan seems to have fallen in love with our boss. Huh, when will I be as good as him?"


The little girl was not watching the comments at all, she immediately put on the headset, log in to the game, and started waiting.

She completely looks like a waiting maiden in love...

"You look like a concubine waiting for the emperor's grace." Erqian smiled..

"Fuck you!" The little girl cursed with a red face but smiled.

After a while, Jiang Siming's YY channel picture appeared on the screen.

"Brother, you are here"

"Well, who is inviting?."


The happy little girl immediately invites Jiang Siming into the game lobby.

In the lobby It was different from her usual game skins, she dressed up her game character beautifully.

On the other hand Jiang Siming's character was just an ordinary guy wearing cheap short sleeves.

It just so happens that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds updated a snow map today.

Jiang Siming and NuoNuo, who have not played it yet, decided to experience it.

The players landed on a completely unfamiliar map, with snow everywhere.

As a southern girl, the little girl screamed as soon as she saw this snowy landscape.

"It looks so good! Brother, don't you think so?!"

Jiang Siming also saw this new map for the first time, and couldn't help but nod in approval. The map made by Blue Hole was really getting more and more beautiful.

From islands to deserts to mountains and now snow, the level of map designs in each update is improving constantly.

This is also thanks to the capital injection of Tencent, which has turned Blue Hole from a small workshop to a large company like this. And The annual profit of tens of billions of dollars is no joke.

Now PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has completely become the number one FPS game. The number of online players worldwide has even tied with League of Legends, and it would sometimes even beat it.

The game has been in operation for almost three years, and it is still hot, and the number of players of both games in the Internet cafés are almost the same.

Mainly coupled with promotions and continuous updating of the game contents is making this game endure as long as possible, and many celebrities also love to play this game.

"Brother, come and see!"

NuoNuo called in a hurry.

Jiang Siming found her next to a telephone pole: "What's the matter?"

The little Sister picked up a snowball from the ground and told Jiang Siming, "Follow after me, switch to the first-person perspective, and smash the snowball on the telephone pole!"

Although he didn't know what was wrong, Jiang Siming still followed after her words.

Boom, the snowball slammed on the telephone pole, and the splashed snow flickered like the stars under the sunlight.

"They look like stars, did you see brother?"Little Sister NuoNuo looked so innocent that Jiang Siming laughed and followed her words and replied: "Well, I saw it, it looks good."

"Hehe." The little girl was satisfied after hearing his reply.

The audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but smile cause for thier angle they could see love sprouting slowly...

The waiting time soon ended and everyone boarded the plane.

Over the snowy city, the beautiful scenery was seems to be unimpeded

Jiang Siming was also immersed in this magnificent and beautiful snow map, but unexpectedly he found that a flashing red light was located at a seaside location on the snow map.

"Let's go there." he immediately marked the location, and NuoNuo naturally followed him without any objections.

She was Maiden in love and her IQ was already on the negative side, so even if Jiang Siming marked the location point in the sea, she would jump down without hesitation.

The two left the plane and flew towards the destination.

Unexpectedly, the module of skydiving has also been updated, and now you cannot hold down the shift button continuously, otherwise, the avatar will fall vertically.

Moreover, the height of the skydiving is very different from the distance control of the flying parachute and will cause a side flip on the ground when the players land.

This undoubtedly increases the difficulty of skydiving and make it more realistic.

However, for Jiang Siming, this bit of difficulty is no trouble but something to take advantage of.

The higher the difficulty, the longer time he will get to shoot other players who will be landing late due to this update.

When Jiang Siming landed on the ground, NuoNuo was still diving in the sky, she hadn't even opened the parachute yet.

If this little girl was his enemy, she would have already be dead from Jiang Siming's hand in this snowy skies of Northern Europe even before the opening of the parachute.