But what makes these players desperate and angry is that the opponent's head reappeared and retracted in an instant, giving no time to shoot or even react.

Moreover, the position of the other party is different every time. When Weishen pulls the crosshair over, Jiang has already moved to another location.

The team was scouting from one position before, but now, fortunately, they're constantly moving, the opponent's instant sniper didn't hit their head but only hit the chest.

But before they can relief, he appeared again like a phantom and a shot a bullet, killing the second last player.

If it wasn't for the other player, he would have already fallen.

"Hey, this person is terrifying, is he even better than Weishen?" Xiao Ying said while rushing upward.

At this time, he was already out of medicine and could only hope that the opponent is out of the bullet.

But the gap between reality and ideals is too much. The god-like instant sniper again reappeared and killed him with three bullets of Kar98.

Weishen takes the risk and fired two shots, but he missed one shot. Annoyed, he had to change into the rifle and face the other side, he hesitated, hoping to get lucky. But he was sniped again by the opponent. But this time he didn't have time to stand again cause he didn't have any health left, so he fell to the ground although a bit unwillingly.

Now only a single player was left on the scene.

Jiang Siming didn't give him time to think anything and calmly gave the opponent a liberating bullet to end the battle.

Team 4am, plus a well-known female anchor, was destroyed in less few spans of the minute.

"Hey, idiot, why don't you..."

Yuan Bing, who was humiliated and had to run for his life, was about to release the anger on Jiang Siming but, he saw the 'Chicken Dinner' message in the upper right corner and shut his mouth.

After that, Jiang Siming only heard the sound of the chair moving on the other side of the Internet Cafe. His teammates from the other side of the Internet Cafe ran to his computer.

"Jiang Siming, are you hacking?"

"You killed a team alone? Really?"

The two were looking for evidence of Jiang Siming's hacking, but in the end found nothing, so they had to return to their positions and prepare for the next match.

Jiang Siming continued the game, with an excited expression on his face, not because he killed so many players, but because he saw that two of the four loots were lit!

The same light as the previous kar98 fragment appeared in two of the boxes!

He quickly ran over to pick it up and have a look.

"Picked up [Rifle Mastery] Fragments*1 (1/1), the number of fragments is full, you can use it directly."

"Picked up [Voice acting Skill] Fragments*1 (1/3). The number of fragments is not full and cannot be used temporarily."

Immediately after using [Rifle Proficiency], another stream of data poured into his mind. He found that he now has a lot of PUBG rifle experiences in his mind.

How to pulls the rifle, how to control the recoil of the gun, burst shooting experience... etc.

This made Jiang Siming excited, and his blood was boiling.

There really is such a weird phenomenon happening, his game is totally different from others, but how could this be?

Jiang Siming remembered that when he was getting out of the Internet Cafe to buy cigarettes, there was thunder outside, and it landed near him. He didn't really care at the time. He was definitely electrocuted, but it didn't really hurt and nothing happened, so he went back to play. Thinking about it now, this should be the reason.

Game skills can be born in the game!!

And looking at this [Voice Acting Skills], obviously, there are not only game skills, but there may also be other things!

So maybe skills for other games too?

In order to find out, he randomly found a reason and quit the game, greeted Mr. Wang and others with an excuse that something was wrong and ran away.

He has to change to another Internet cafe, otherwise, these guys will definitely keep pulling him to play PUBG.

After switching to another Internet cafe and turning on the screen, Jiang Siming opened the League of Legends and played several games but there were no changes at all.

He played more than a dozen other games, whether it is MOBA games, fps shooting games, or other online games, there is nothing unusual.

After switching back to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, only four players were killed and he already found the piece fragment again! This time, golden!

"Picked up [ 5000 yuan] fragment*1 (1/1), the number of fragments is full, you can use it directly."

"It seems that only in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game, the fragments will appear, and there is even money to get!"

This discovery surprised him. He now has both skills and money. What more?

Choosing to use, Jiang Siming saw red banknotes appearing on his table and immediately put it inside his pocket. He was so damn excited.

Immediately immersed in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, he worked hard and buried himself in PUBG all day.

As time went on, he gradually understood the probability of the Fragment drop mechanism.

The fragments will be refreshed at various times, like at time of jumping from the airplane but the probability is very small. Another drop chance is kills! In the enemy loot, the fragment refresh rate will be much higher.

The more enemy players killed, the greater the probability of fragment dropping.

If you win the match, then you can also get some fragments but the chances of winning is not very high. Although Jiang Siming is very skilled, he can't stand the old professional players, and he can never underestimate others.

He spent that whole afternoon in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and he got four pieces in total.

Among them, the two fragments are golden fragments, which is a total of 10000 Yuan.

The other two fragments are [Voice Acting skills.] and. [Professional Driving skills]

Profession driving skills can be used as a single piece, but the voice actor skills fragments are still one piece short.

After playing until the evening, Jiang got too tired and can't play the game anymore, so he temporarily closed PUBG and went back to home.

And when he was working hard to take fragments in that afternoon, in the live stream broadcast circle, the discussion about Jiang Siming's sniping achievements gathered a lot of attention.

A well-known entertainment anchor with millions of fans, a super professional team leader, and one of the greatest gamer in the gaming world, Weishen and two of his capable players were destroyed by a passerby player.

The other party only used a K98, and when watching the replay, Weishen and the others discovered that there was only a red dot sight on this player's K98!

This discovery caused a heated discussion among fans of the game on whether Jiang Siming was hacking or not.