The argument continued until the evening.

"Well, everyone, stop arguing. I already uploaded this player's account to the monitoring station, and they have returned the message."

In the live broadcast room, Weishen clicked on the reply email from the Fujitsu Technology Station. Under the watchful eyes of millions of netizens, the reply content of the email was astonishing: [No abnormality in the account]

"Hey, is this guy really okay?" Xiao Xing said blankly, standing beside Weishen

Weishen nodded and murmured: I didn't think he used any plugin since the beginning, but now it is guaranteed that this person is an expert sniper."

The person on the side was already amazed and said: "This person is even better than Gu cun."

"Don't mention other people, just try to contact this account to see if we can take him to our team. It's a coincidence that our team also lacks a professional experienced sniper."Weishen stared at the ID called [King], and fire appeared in his eyes.

This year's PCI is about to start, and their team needs a stronger player.

PCI is a World Cup-level event of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which is equivalent to the Championship of League of Legends, which is very important.


The next day Jiang rushed to the company as usual, but his teammates from yesterday were late as well. It seems, last night, the two of them played all night and got up late in the morning. He happened to be bumped into the district general manager, such bad luck.

Wang Jun threw the blame to Jiang Siming on the pretext that Jiang Siming dragged them to drink last night and caused them to be late.

"Xiao Jiang, take the blame and I will buy you lunch later, or you know the consequences." Wang Jun secretly said to Jiang Siming in a low voice.

Usually, Wang Jun doesn't care about Jiang Siming more or less, but due to yesterday's incident during match Wang Jun was jealous and embarrassed so he decided to put the blame on him.

"Report to the general manager!"

Jiang Siming stood up like a very 'loyal buddy'', seeing this Wang Jun immediately showed a smug smile on his face, but his smile froze in the next moment.

"Report, I didn't invite Mr. Wang to drink last night. The three of them played games all night last night, and they were late, it has nothing to do with me!"

"Jiang Siming, are you looking for death?"

Wang Jun's mouth twitched and his eyes were cold.

But Jiang Siming wasn't scared at all,he wanted to do this a long time ago, but had to endure threats and bury it within his heart only.

But now with the game fragments, he has the confidence to survive even without working here, so why endure in a hellish place like this company.

In fact, no matter how many years he has struggled in this society, his character has never changed.

Just to survive, he had to hide his fang. They never decayed.

"It just so happens that I don't want to work here anymore. I will give reports to the general manager the various words and deeds of Wang Jun, Zhou Qiang and Yuan Bing in the branch company over the past six months."

Jiang Siming stood up and said word by word, saying aloud every nasty event that the two men had done for half a year, about how they arrive late and leaving early, blaming someone for their own mistakes, falsely reporting performance, blackmailing other employees, maliciously changing company accounts, etc.

Jiang Siming listed their behaviors one by one.

Wang Jun and Zhou Qiang had various expressions on their faces and apparently stunned to even talk back, but Jiang Siming simply ignored the two the whole time. After speaking, he put the prepared resignation letter on the table and left happily.

The district general manager still wanted him to stay, but Jiang Siming insisted on leaving. He had no choice but to vent his anger on the two idiots.

Back home, Jiang Siming felt like a free man.

Not long after arriving home, he received an express from JD. It was a set of computer equipment. This was the order he placed last night and it has arrived this morning.

Starting today, his mission and goal are to complete his life dream in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Jiang Siming, who has worked in Computer City before, is very familiar with the computer, downloading the system, updating the driver, debugging the computer, and downloading games.

All in one morning.

The computer arrangement cost 5,000 Yuan. Although he made 150,000 in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds yesterday, Jiang Siming still didn't dare to spend money too much.

His family conditions are not good. His parents have always been in poor health. There is also a younger sister who is in junior high school. The family burden is actually very heavy for someone like Jiang Siming. Otherwise, he would not have succumbed to this social oppression so easily.

He stopped thinking about the past for now and log in to the game again. He decisively clicks to open the solo game.

The computer arrangement by yourself is better, at least more comfortable than the one in the Internet Cafe.

"Fragment, I want Fragment!"

The chattering Jiang Siming entered the game. The plane started flying, and he parachuted right away.

In the sky, he can overlook the entire map, and if there are any fragments, he can instantly see them from the sky.


He was surprised to find that there's already one lit up with white light at the edge of the map.

This kind of fragment is very hard to come across. There may not be one in the dozens of them. Today, he found one at his first match. It's a good start!

Overjoyed, he flies according to the spot.

At the same time, in the live broadcast room of the shark platform, there is a lively atmosphere in the live stream of a popular female streamer who's playing PUBG her platform name is Nuo Nuo.

"My hand feels hot today. M4 pressure gun looked like sausage just now? What, I told you that I just took sixth place, and this time I will definitely win!"

In the live broadcast room, in the camera, a girl with a pure and beautiful appearance said vigorously.

Who can imagine this girl, which looks like a pure and innocent girl, but in fact she is a full-fledged alpha female who like fighting hand to hand with males? Sometimes she likes to pretend to be a naive girl and seduce passers-by to provoke her fans. They all call her the 'old woman', first alpha female live streamer since most female would try to act shy to attract more fans.

Netizens simply did not believe her false remarks'.

"if you eat chicken then I'll eat shit, I swear to god."

"How did you get the sixth place just now? Hmm?? It was from camping in one place! Go kill someone, old woman!"

"Your braggings are enough to carry all of us to go to heaven."

"If there is a professional and you die, I won't cry for you!"

Looking at these barrages, the little girl angrily blew the hair in front of her forehead and said with a 'roar', "I'll will win this match, if I win 10 people have to subscribe and If I didn't win! I'll give 10 people free subscription!"

(* 300 Yuan per subscription)

Snap, the match is on. There are countless people betting at once.

"Three thousand fish ball* have been placed, waiting to collect the winnings." ( 1 fish ball

=10 Yuan)

"Giving free food in broad daylight? This streamer is really nice."

"Hehe, how can I not participate in getting free rewards?

"The fish balls are coming back to us, looks like this girls villa is close to the sea, staying in this little girl's live broadcast room is very satisfying."

Hearing the chat's remarks, NuoNuo was so angry that her chest hurt, even if it's only a pair of size A, it still hurts...

"Okay! Good! Don't regret it! I will seal the bet now!"The little girl said angrily.