Episode 4 is up and running! The script and links are all listed on the main page, don't forget, that the #PEBKAC Show now has multiple sources, in case you ever have issues downloading them.

This month was a doozy, with updates from most major distributions, and a potential hardware mod that could increase the eMMC speed of the original PinePhone by up to 2x!

@postmarketOS released SP4; @ubports is readying OTA-20; @ManjaroARM released #Phosh 18 Beta; #SailfishOS released 4.3; New pics of Arch Based #Kupher surface; @linmob is going nuts, and is seemingly omnipotent; @purism has released #PureOS 10 for the #Librem5, more @PINE64 keyboard delays, and @volla is looking to hire an embedded device developer!

You can #listen directly on the home page: https://pebkac.show/2021/11/15/pebkac-s01e04-mid-november-updates/

There is now an Odysee channel available here: https://odysee.com/@PEBKAC_Show

There are #RSS Feeds for MP3; AAC; OGG; FLAC and Opus available directly on the home page: https://pebkac.show

There is also a list of extra 3rd party sources like Spotify; Breaker and PocketCasts, listed on the side bar of the home page.

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